2007 Saw Great Ingenuity!

Welcome to a complete overview of the events of July 4, 2007! Special thanks to Larry Leedy for collecting results of the individual day events, and to our Parade Judges (who, by their own wish, remain anonymous) for diligently sorting through over 150 different parade entrants and determining the winners!

There's a lot of information here about 2007, so here is a brief Table of Contents to help you navigate through it. Simply select the category of information you wish to see! For results and information from 2003-2006, please consult our archives.

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The July 4th, 2007, Independence Day events in Bel Air, Maryland offered fun, patriotic splendor, and educational interest to citizens of the entire region, when, despite occasional afternoon and evening bouts of drizzle and rain, tens of thousands of citizens from the greater Bel Air area and across Harford County, Maryland, participated and enjoyed the traditional small-town events on Wednesday, July 4th, 2007, culminating with the annual parade and a glorious fireworks display.

Events got underway at 6:45 am at Bel Air High School with the flag raising ceremony featuring Robert Hudson, bugler, Disabled American Veterans Chapter 30 and American Legion Bel Air Post 39.

The traditional pancake and sausage breakfast followed, in which over 1800 adults and children partook of the pancakes, blueberry pancakes, juice and sausages cooked and prepared by over 50 volunteers from the Bel Air Lions, under the direction of Pete Arnold and Perry Thompson. "We'd like to thank the Bel Air community for their wonderful support," says Thompson.

A full roster of daytime events followed, including the traditionally popular animal contests. contests. The officials running the events cautioned all animal owners and handlers to treat their charges well, to keep them thoroughly watered, and urged them to return the frogs and turtles to their natural environment.

Due to construction at Bel Air High School, all outdoors events were moved to various new locations. TO DOWNLOAD A PDF OF THE 2007 PROGRAM, which shows maps and times of all the events, plus gives many other useful details, please select this link. Warning: this is a pretty big file, because it's a 12 page program!

Results were:

  • Hamster Races (30 contestants): 1st place: Javy, owned by Amanda Stevens of Bel Air; 2nd place: Honey, owned by Erin Huffler of Baltimore; 3rd place: Oriole, owned by Sam & Alex Mink of Bel Air.
  • Box Turtle Races (102 box turtles): 1st place: Boxy, owned by Gabrielle & Jamie Shlikas of Bel Air; 2nd place: Nova, owned by Madison Thompson of Aberdeen; 3rd place: Frances, owned by Jenna Gale of Bel Air.
  • Non-Box Turtle Races (45 various turtles): 1st place: Crush, owned by Brooke Raines of Monkton; 2nd place: Speedy, owned by Charles Anderson of Bel Air; 3rd place: booger, owned by Ian Wilde of Abingdon.
  • Frog Jumping (116 total frogs) was won by Big Hoppy, owned by Meredith Haggerty of Bel Air, with a combined 3-jump total of 164 inches — a new record for the event! 2nd was Isadore, owned by Olivia Street of Bel Air, at 116 inches. Third was Lefty, owned by Jake Davenport of Bel Air, at 108 inches.

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In events for people, the Horseshoe Pitch Men's Singles Division was won by Zac Walters of Baltimore; 2nd was Bob Swartz of Fallston. Women's Singles was won by Terry Young of Street; 2nd was Arlene Staves of Aberdeen.Men's Doubles was won by George Cullun and Danny Thompson of Havre de Grace; James Stewart and Zac Walters of Baltimore. Women's Doubles was won by Hazel Ellis of Bel Air and Jerry Young of Street; 2nd was Vicki Smith of Darlington and Lorrie Monahan of Bel Air.

In the Uncle Sam Sayscompetition, the ages 5-7 division was won by Matt Resnick of Bel Air; 2nd was Kyle Roeder of Whiteford and 3rd was Morgan Buckholtz of Bel Air. The ages 8-10 division was won by Julian Meares of Forest Hill; 2nd was Claire Grunewald of Bel Air and 3rd was Madison Battaglia of Bel Air. The ages 11-13 division was won by Andre Cochran from Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey; 2nd was Manny Mastromanolis of Bel Air and 3rd was Jamie Burchan of Whiteford. The Adult Division was won by Candy White of Whiteford; 2nd was Elyssa Beale of Bel Air and 3rd was Michelle Gowland of Bel Air.

The Bicycle Rodeo saw Trophies for Best Decorated Bike won by Jonathan Bizzano of Bel Air (boys) and Lexi Astle of Bel Air (girls). In the 5 and under class, 1st was Jade Stewart of Bel Air; 2nd was Sydney Fisher of Bel Air; 3rd was Hannah Koop of Abingdon. In the 6-8 class, 1st was Brendan Lapp of Bel Air; 2nd was Devin Holt of Bel Air; 3rd was Andrew Moss of Bel Air; in the 9-10 division, 1st was Elijah Olsen of Bel Air; 2nd was Morgan Harrell of Jarrettsville; 3rd wasLexi Astle of Bel Air. In the Ages 11-13 division, 1st was Zac Olsen of Bel Air; 2nd was Henrick Schlueter from Germany; 3rd was Rianna Brooks of Bel Air.

The Watermelon Eating Contest in the ages 6 and under division was won by Forrest Gagnon of Forest Hill; 2nd was Andrew Hicho of Bel Air; 3rd was Jaidyn Clark of Forest Hill. Ages 7-10 was won by Mitchell Hubbard of Bel Air; 2nd was Carly Lyon of Street; 3rd was Alex White of Bel Air. Ages 11-16 was won by Natalie Beale of Bel Air; 2nd was Andre Cochran of Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey; 3rd was Brian Cochran of Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey. The Adult Division was won by Fred Grunewald of Bel Air; 2nd was Bruce Cochran of Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey; 3rd was Christopher Cochran of Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey.

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After a recess for the afternoon, the traditional parade began at 6:00 pm at another new location — the intersection of Bond Street and Gordon Street on the north side of Bel Air. Although rain occurred intermittently between 3 pm and 8 pm, the enthusiasm of the crowd and the parade participants was undampened, and everyone had a great time.

Before the actual parade began, American Flags were handed out to all children along the parade route. The flags were generously donated by the Bel Air Branch of M & T Bank, led by Deborah Williams. Distribution of flags was handled by bank employees, bank friends and neighbors, and by members of the Bel Air Bobcats Varsity Cheerleaders and Boy Scout Troop 564, all led by Don Stewart.

Reviewing stand narration was provided by Don Morrison of the Harford County Board of Education, and by Teri Kranefeld.

Many of the parade units were sponsored by area businesses. Banners in the parade celebrating these sponsors were carried by members of the Fountain Green Swim Club, under the direction of David Williams. Parade sponsors included:

  • Clifton Gunderson LLP
  • The Festival at Bel Air Shopping Center
  • Mercantile County Bank
  • Oak Contracting, Inc.
  • Jones Junction Auto Dealerships
  • Klein's Family Markets of Harford County
  • Parris - Castoro Eye Care Center
  • Plaza Ford
  • SAIC      and
  • Seidenberg Protzko Eye Associates

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Parade Results

8 independent Parade Judges viewed the parade, whose theme was American Ingenuity — Inventors and Their Inventions, and awarded the following prizes:

1. Floats
1st Place ($400): Fallston Animal Rescue
2nd Place ($300): Noteworthy Home School Choir
3rd Place ($200): Cub Scout Pack 807
4th Place ($100): Town of Bel Air Cultural Arts Commission
5th Place ($75): Silver Eagle Cloggers
6th Place ($50): Mountain Christian Church
7th Place (plaque): Harford Day School
8th Place (plaque): Harford County Library
2. Equestrian Units
1st Place($100): Shining Eye Percherons
2nd Place($90): Shadow Brook Farm
3rd Place($80): Ashton Rudell, Lexie Palmer and Jeremy Rudell
4th Place($70): Uncle Milton's Haflingers & Minis
5th Place($60): America in Miniature
3. Antique Vehicles
1st Place: 1955 Willys Bermuda / David Kluck
2nd Place: Smith Family
3rd Place: 1954 March 1 Fire Truck owned by the Piper Family
4. Color Guards
1st Place: American Legion Post #39 Harford County
2nd Place: Sheriff's Department, Harford County
3rd Place: Harford County Detachment, Marine Corps League
5. Mobile Units
1st Place: North Harford High School Future Farmers of America
2nd Place: Bel Air Corvette Club
3rd Place: Passion for Pavement/Team Shocker
4th Place: Pennyless Productions Car Club
6. Marching Units
1st Place: Maryland National Guard / 29th Combat Aviation
2nd Place: Jarrettsville Young Marines
3rd Place: Mason-Dixon Rescue Dogs
4th Place: Marine Corps Detachment, Aberdeen Proving Grounds
5th Place: Hurricane All-Stars Cheerleading
7. Emergency Vehicles
1st Place: Joppa Magnolia Volunteer Fire Company
2nd Place: Fallston Volunteer Fire Company
3rd Place: Darlington Volunteer Fire Company
8. Comic/Novelty Acts
1st Place: Ravens Fan Bus
2nd Place: Boumi Temple Motorcycle Drill Team
3rd Place: Stilt Walking Family
9. Bands, Drum & Bugle Corps, Majorette Corps
1st Place: Burlington National Teen Tour Band
2nd Place: John F. Nicoll Pipe Band
3rd Place: Havre de Grace High School Band
10. Most Popular with the Crowd Award: Baltimore All Stars

11. Judges Awards for Special Excellence in the 2007 Parade
John Carroll School Band
Reading Buccaneers Drum & Bugle Corps
Pearl Harbor Survivor Raymond J. Paul
Blue Gray Military Vehicle Club / WWII Veteran James Bradley
Applause of Bel Air / Titans Drum Corps
Harford County Little Miss Fire Prevention
Harford County Little Fire Chief
Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Baltimore's New Marching Elite Band

Winners of awards in the parade will be contacted by the Bel Air Independence Day Committee, Inc., to deliver their prizes. Parade awards winners may also call Michael Blum at 410-879-4245.

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The evening ended with a grand fireworks display, sponsored for the 13th consecutive year by Har-Co Maryland Federal Credit Union, and produced by Fireworks Productions, Inc. This event had also been moved to a new location — the new launch site was Rockfield park, on a height by East Churchville Road. Although thunderstorms threatened with booms from the south and east, none actually appeared over the town, and the fireworks went off flawlessly despite occasional bouts of drizzle. As Don Stewart commented, "Mother Nature may be firing at us, but we're firing right back!"

Sponsoring Organizations for 2006

The Bel Air Auxiliary Police Unit
The Bel Air Lions
The Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.
Harford County Department of Parks and Recreation
Harford County Public Schools
The Town of Bel Air

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Patrons and Supporters of the Bel Air Independence Day Committee for the 2007 festivities included:


  • A Better Answer
  • Box Hill Pizzeria
  • Clifton Gunderson, LLP
  • Dresher Foundation, Inc.
  • E Z Store Self Storage
  • Festival at Bel Air Shopping Center
  • HAR-CO Maryland Federal Credit Union
  • Jones Junction
  • Klein's Family Markets
  • Lions Club of Bel Air
  • Mercantile County Bank
  • Michael Blum Associates, Inc., d.b.a. MartinoBlum
  • Oak Contracting, Inc.
  • Parris-Castoro Eye Care Center
  • Plaza Ford
  • SAIC
  • Seidenberg Protzko Eye Associates, Inc.
  • Town of Bel Air


  • BJ's Wholesale Club
  • Harford Mutual Insurance Company


  • Brown, Brown & Young, P.A.
  • CNA, Inc.
  • Courtland Hearth & Hardware, Inc.
  • Dean Insurance Agency, Inc.
  • Gessner, Snee, Mahoney & Lutche, P.A.
  • Smith & Kane, P.A.
  • Suburban Propane
  • Wagner and Sons


  • CAPSA Inc. & Grinon Lane, Inc. Joint Venture
  • Edgewood Corporation
  • Grove Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
  • Kunkel Service Company
  • McComas Funeral Home, P.A.
  • Maryland-American Water Company
  • O'Neill Enterprises Realty & Auction Services
  • Law Office of Kevin T. Olszewski, P.A.

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Roman Candles

  • Charles L. Lutz, Inc.
  • Conway Management Co., Inc.
  • Leo R. Handerhan, D.D.S.
  • Hall's Septic Service
  • Harford Bank
  • Higinbothom Family
  • Jarrettsville Federal Savings & Loan Association
  • LIN-MAR Development Corporation
  • Towne Barbers


  • Jane Armstrong
  • Clarence and Eunice Fry
  • Arch & Rita Handy
  • Steven C. Levin, D.D.S.
  • Law Offices of Max D. Miller, P.A.
  • Schlaich & Thompson, Chartered
  • W. K. Smith & J. A. Smith, P.A.
  • Stark & Keenan, P.A.
  • R.C. Vanden Bosche, D.D.S.
  • William H. Cox, Jr. Real Estate, Inc.


  • American Legion Auxiliary - Harford Unit #39
  • American Legion Bel Air Post #55
  • Law Offices of Getz, Getz & Getz
  • Hirsch's Mens Store, Inc.
  • Margaret Lesch
  • Leo F. Matrangola, Chief of Police
  • Len Parrish

Note: we "count" sponsors as having donated or pledged money or in-kind during a specific cycle, leading up to each July 4. Therefore the above list supported the activities of July 4, 2007.

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