Parade Staging Instructions 2017

All paperwork, including maps, directions, and vehicle passes, for the July 4, 2017 Parade, were e-mailed on or about June 23, 2017, to the contact name and address on the form submitted.

THE PARADE IS NOW CLOSED! If you have not received your paperwork, or believe that you have been missed in some way in error, please call 410-879-4245 or send us an e-mail.

DOWNLOADABLE PDFS: Select to download and print.

   OVERALL 2017 MAPS (3 PAGES): How to get to Bel Air; Staging Areas; Post-Parade Dispersal



You may download the appropriate parade staging instructions from this page. The instructions vary by color, as defined above. The parade is in a pre-set order, but that order is up to the Parade Marshals; when you arrive you will be put in the proper order in the staging area, or told when your unit will be inserted into the parade (in the case of car clubs and special groups, for instance).

The MARSHALS will march with your division, maintaining the order and keeping the flow going. Remember, NO STOPPING DURING THE PARADE FOR ANY REASON (other than a public emergency).

The Map Document is the same for all units.

If you have any questions about your division or staging area, please call 410-879-4245 or send us an e-mail IMMEDIATELY. Here is a map of the Staging Area, showing its basic orientation and organization. ALL UNITS MUST REPORT TO THE "FOUR STAR" INTERSECTION at S. Main/Emmorton Road and Macphail.

map of staging area for 2017

The above information is accurate as of June 26, 2017.

Vehicle passes are not included on this page, since they have been sent via e-mail. If you have any question about your position in the parade, staging area, etc., contact us right away. Thanks!
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