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2018 Results and Awards



Note: every effort has been made to spell the names of the winners correctly, and we apologize for any errors. All contests were free and open to the public.


    Men's Singles:
    1st: George Algard of Havre de Grace
    2nd: Michael Thompson of Aberdeen

    Men's Doubles:
    1st: Jeff Cooper of Delta, PA and Ricky Lee Morrison of Street
    2nd: Carlos Shaw of Reisterstown and Wondell Shaw of Reisterstown

    Women's Singles:
    1st: Vicki Smith of Darlington
    2nd: Gizzy Stokes of Havre de Grace

    Women's Doubles:
    1st: Gizzy Stokes of Havre de Grace and Reese Shaw of Reisterstown
    2nd: Vicki Smith of Darlington and Bre Smith of Darlington
  • WATER BALLOON TOSS: Total Participants 1134

    Ages 6 and under:
    1st: Brad and Indy Panchura of Bel Air
    2nd: Audry and Eric Jett of Bel Air
    3rd: Nathanael and Renee Muir of Bel Air

    Ages 7-9:
    1st: Brian and Cody Meisenhelder of Bel Air
    2nd: Sienna Klima and Glendene Strikland of Forest Hill
    3rd: Sam and Bryn Raedeke of Bel Air

    Ages 10-12:
    1st: Tim and Peyton Greiner of Bel Air
    2nd: Madie and Gabe Greathouse of Bel Air
    3ed: Asher and Judah Bobrow of Perry Hall

    Ages 13 and older:
    1st: John Medows and Mike Foults of Bel Air
    2nd: Dan and Susan Greathouse of Bel Air
    3rd: Margaret Palmer and Lix McCortney of Forest Hill
  • COSTUME CONTEST: Total Participants 29

    Most Patriotic:
    1st: Lisa Andrews of Bel Air as a 4th of July Bunny
    2nd: Lorelei Parsons of Bel Air as a Patriotic Person
    3rd: Ciana Klima of Forest Hill as a Patriotic County Person

    Best General:
    1st: Stephanie and Samantha Stidham of Joppatowne as Patriotic Twins
    2nd: Isaac Bloch of Bel Air as a Dragon
    3rd: Molly Bloch of Bel Air as Wonder Woman Mermaid

    Ages 5 -7:
    1st: Sophia Hennigan of Bel Air
    2nd: Briar Boebel of Bel Air
    3rd: Leila Will of Fallston

    Ages 8-10:
    1st: Griffin Stewart of Bel Air
    2nd: Aiden Martin of Abingdon
    3rd: Brooklyn Szewczyk of Bel Air

    Ages 11-13:
    1st: Morgan Hennigen of Bel Air
    2nd: Elon Nolan of Bel Air
    3rd: Alyssa Ogle of Abingdon

    Ages 14 and older:
    1st: Matt Battaglia of Bel Air
    2nd: Abbey Battaglia of Bel Air
    3rd: Bryan Stewart of Bel Air

    Tricycle/Training Wheels:
    1st: John Nimme
    2nd: Adrianna Macree
    3rd: Teddy Adolph

    Best Decorated, Girls: Lily Coleman of Delta, PA
    Best Decorated, Boys: Logan Wierzbolowicz of Pylesville

    Ages 5 and under:
    1st: Gage Sather of Havre de Grace
    2nd: Harper Bradshaw of Bel Air
    3rd Ryder McNutt of Bel Air

    Ages 6-8:
    1st: Brady Sather of Havre de Grace
    2nd: Cody Meisenhelder from Bel Air
    3rd: Alex Meisenhelderfrom Bel Air

    Ages 9-10:
    1st: Nicholas Michalesko from South Carolina
    2nd: Savanna Cornes from Bel Air
    3rd: Peyton Greiner from Bel Air

    Ages 11-13:
    1st: Jacob Michalesko from South Carolina
    2nd:Olivia Krause from Joppa
    3rd: Anna Bennett from Bel Air

    Ages 6 and under:
    1st: Justice Gopps
    2nd: Luke Benesch
    3rd: Carter Phillippi

    Ages 7-10:
    1st: Jillian Rhodes of Bel Air
    2nd: Christian Levine of Bel Air
    3rd: Emma Butner of Bel Air

    Ages 11 - 16:
    1st: Connor Moore of Bel Air
    2nd: Norman Jones of Delta, PA
    3rd: Allison Mace of Bel Air

    Ages 17 and older:
    1st: Brian Daniels of Havre de Grace
    2nd: Brian Benesch of Bel Air
    3rd: Eric Woltz of Bel Air

We Hope You Liked the 2018 Parade!

Our thanks to PATCH BEL AIR for shooting this video of the July 4, 2018 parade! For results of the parade, please visit our RESULTS page — and especially how you can apply to be a part of it.

JUDGES' AWARDS — BEL AIR JULY 4TH PARADE — 2018 Theme: A Salute to American Heroes!

The Parade is judged by a panel of independent judges, whose decisions are final. Judges have the authority to limit the number of awards in each category, or to create a category if in their opinion such is needed.


    Beachmont Corn Maze
    Bel Air Corvette Club
    Bel Air High School Band
    Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company
    Hall's Septic
    Harford County Fire Prevention Ambassador Little Fire Chief Jackson Jewett
    Harford Rentals
    Klein's ShopRite of N. Main Street
    Rosman's Floating Theater Float -- the Camp Stars Salute!
    Veterans of Foreign Wars Chapter #11377 - David Kluck
  • Floats:

    1st Place: Daughters, Sons of the American Revolution
    2nd Place: Cub Scout Pack 801
    3rd Place: God Bless America (Double Float)
    4th Place: Society of Italian-American Businessmen
  • Equestrian Units:

    1st Place: Maryland Miniatures
    2nd Place: Benchfield Farms
  • Bands; Drum & Bugle Corps:

    1st Place: Aberdeen High School
    2nd Place: C. Milton Wright High School
    3rd Place: Havre de Grace High School
    4th Place: Bel Air Community Band
    5th Place: Reading Buccaneers Drum & Bugle Corps
  • Antique Units:

    1st Place: Maryland State Police Alumni Association
    2nd Place: 1946 Farmall A Tractor
    3rd Place: Home-Paramount Pest Control
  • Color Guards:

    1st Place: Harford County Sheriff's Office
    2nd Place: 20th CBRNE Command
    3rd Place: Marine Corps League

    1st Place: Cub Scout Pack 807
    2nd Place: Harford County Commission on Veterans Affairs
    3rd Place: Dance with Me School of Dance

    1st Place (certificate): Brightview/Avondell
    2nd Place (certificate): Aberdeen Proving Ground Fire & Emergency Vehicle
    3rd Place (certificate) : OrangeTheory Fitness
  • Emergency Services:

    1st Place: Level Volunteer Fire Company
    2nd Place: Fallston Volunteer Fire Company
  • "Best Comic/Novelty Act in the Parade": Buontempo Brothers & Tower Restaurant
  • "Absolutely Unique Parade Entry": Kinetic Ninja Warrior & Youth Academy
  • "Most Patriotic Person in the Parade": Miss Maryland USA 2018 Brittinay Nicolette
  • "Most Popular with the Crowd": Harford County Fire Prevention Ambassador Little Miss Fire Prevention Savannah Nordstrand
  • "Most Admired Unit in the Parade": Uptown String Band

Winners will be contacted by the Bel Air Independence Day Committee, by e-mail. This list will also be sent to all local newspapers, both print and online.


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