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2019 Results and Awards



Note: every effort has been made to spell the names of the winners correctly, and we apologize for any errors. All contests were free and open to the public.


    Men's Singles:
    1st: Jeff Cooper of Delta, PA
    2nd: George Albrecht of Joppa

    Men's Doubles:
    1st: Mark Miller of Bel Air & Tim Hilton of Street
    2nd: Vince Shaw of Reisterstown & Carlos Shaw of Reisterstown

    Women's Singles:
    1st: JoAnna Albrecht of Joppa
    2nd: Velma Schleicher of Bel Air

    Women's Doubles:
    1st: Vicki Smith of Darlington & Bre Smith of Darlington
    2nd: Reese Shaw of Reisterstown & Gizzy Stokes of Havre de Grace
  • WATER BALLOON TOSS: Total Participants 1134

    Ages 6 and under (54 participants); used ducks:
    1st: Robert Olstad of Abingdon
    2nd: Lucas Mosby of Abingdon
    3rd: Elliot Murphy of Forest Hill

    Used balloons:
    1st: Kolby Greiner of Bel Air
    2nd: Caleb Mundrick of Forest Hill
    3rd: Julia Rosati of Bel Air

    Ages 7-10 (50 participants):
    1st: BJ Simmons of Bel Air
    2nd: Sadie Larkins of Abingdon
    3rd: Brynn Raedeke of Bel Air

    Ages 11-16 (14 participants):
    1st: Claire Burrows of Bel Air
    2nd: Lilli Reynolds of Abingdon
    3ed: Nathan Kiefer & Evan Reynolds of Abingdon

    Ages 17 and older (36 participants):
    1st: Josh Meadows & Mike Foults of Bel Air
    2nd: Jamie and John Noyes of Perry Hall
    3rd: Billy Simmons of Bel Air

    Most Patriotic:
    1st: Caleb Mundrick of Bel Air as "Spirit of 76"
    2nd: Kate McEwan of Bel Air as "Rosie the Riveter"
    3rd: Amani Jackson of Bel Air as "King of the 4th"

    Best General:
    1st: Christina Andrews of Bel Air as "Forkie"
    2nd: Olivia Hodgson of Bel Air as "Ariel"
    3rd: Isaac Bloch of Bel Air as "Spider"

    Ages 5 -7:
    1st: Logan Szewczyk of Bel Air
    2nd: Lily Hennigan of Bel Air
    3rd: Bert Mitala of Pennsylvania

    Ages 8-10:
    1st: Finley Donahvey of Bel Air
    2nd: Liam McDowell of Bel Air
    3rd: Caelyn Liles of Bel Air

    Ages 11-13:
    1st: Annabelle Lathroum of Bel Air
    2nd: Griffin Stewart of Pennsylvania
    3rd: Joseph Mitala of Bel Air

    Ages 14 and older:
    1st: Madison Battaglia of Bel Air
    2nd: Jamie Noyse of Perry Hall
    3rd: Stacey Smith of Bel Air

    Tricycle/Training Wheels:
    1st: Jaxon Sherrier of Whiteford
    2nd: Nicholas Keleman of Bel Air
    3rd: Graylyn Gullion of Bel Air

    Best Decorated, Girls: Elizabeth Kline of Jarrettsville
    Best Decorated, Boys: Victor Schecker of Darlington

    Ages 5 and under:
    1st: Jackson Tobias of Pylesville
    2nd: Cooper Thomas of Mount Airy, PA
    3rd: Cecilia Price of Bel Air

    Ages 6-8:
    1st: Gage Sather of Havre de Grace
    2nd: Bret Burrows of Bel Air
    3rd: Louisa Adolph of Bel Air

    Ages 9-10:
    1st: Brody Sather of Havre de Grace
    2nd: Victor Schlecker of Darlington
    3rd: Nolan Marmen of Bel Air

    Ages 11-13:
    1st: Peyton Greiner of Bel Air
    2nd: Quinn Abel of Bel Air
    3rd: Anna Bennett of Bel Air

    Ages 6 and under:
    1st: Luke Benesch of Bel Air
    2nd: Logan Szewczyk of Bel Air
    3rd: Lily Hennigan of Bel Air

    Ages 7-10:
    1st: Kayden Blaine of Bel Air
    2nd: Rowen Liles of Bel Air
    3rd: Jessalyn Wainwright of Bel Air

    Ages 11 - 16:
    1st: Mackenzie Payne of Bel Air
    2nd: Max Sanchez of Barcelona, Spain
    3rd: Trey Kelly of Bel Air

    Ages 17 and older:
    1st: Dean Cooper of Havre de Grace
    2nd: Will Boss of Bel Air
    3rd: Justin Liles of Bel Air

JUDGES' AWARDS — BEL AIR JULY 4TH PARADE — 2024 Theme: Bel Air – the Next 150 Years!

The Parade is judged by a panel of independent judges, whose decisions are final. Judges have the authority to limit the number of awards in each category, or to create a category if in their opinion such is needed.

  • Floats:

    1st Place: Daughters, Sons and Children of the American Revolution
    2nd Place: "Our Town"
    3rd Place: Harford Christian School
    4th Place: Klein's ShopRite of Bel Air N. Main Street
  • Equestrian Units:

    1st Place: Valley Lea Riding Club
    2nd Place: Maryland Miniatures
  • Bands; Drum & Bugle Corps:

    1st Place: C. Milton Wright High School
    2nd Place: Aberdeen High School
    3rd Place: Patterson Mill High School
    4th Place: Havre de Grace High School
    5th Place: Bel Air High School
  • Color Guards:

    1st Place: Harford County Sheriff's Office
    2nd Place: American Legion Post #39
    3rd Place: 20th CBRNE Command Honor Guard

    1st Place: Dance with Me School of Dance
    2nd Place: Twirl-Tas-Tix and Releve' Dance
    3rd Place: The Magic Continues Character Company of Forest Hill

    1st Place (certificate): Plaza Ford Special Mobile Unit
    2nd Place (certificate): 20th CBRNE Command Up-Armored Humvee
    3rd Place (certificate): 1914 Indian Motorcycle / Ron Tew
  • Emergency Services:

    1st Place: Fallston Volunteer Fire Company
    2nd Place: Level Volunteer Fire Company
  • "Absolutely Unique Parade Entry": Michael Rosman’s Zany Circus Coaches and Campers
  • "Most Patriotic Person in the Parade": Miss Western Maryland 2019 Allison Redman
  • "Most Happy to Be Here": Little Miss Fire Prevention 2019 Kaitlyn Itzoe

    Abingdon Volunteer Fire Company
    Beachmont Corn Maze
    Bel Air Lions Club Flag Giveaway
    Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company
    Edgewood High School Marching Band
    Hall's Honey Pots
    Harford County Public Library, Harford Highlanders Bagpipe Band, Marine Corps League Corp. Pete Arnold Detachment
    Maryland State Police Alumni Association
    Miss Bel Air 2019 Kelsey Scott
    North Harford High School Marching Band
    Reading Buccaneers
    Sonus Brass
    Wicked Jeeps Baltimore
  • Special Certificate of Appreciation: Leah Drummond, soprano

Winners will be contacted by the Bel Air Independence Day Committee, by e-mail. This list will also be sent to all local newspapers, both print and online.


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