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2021 Results and Awards



Note: every effort has been made to spell the names of the winners correctly, and we apologize for any errors. All contests were free and open to the public.


    Men's Singles:
    1st: Mark Farrington, Bel Air
    2nd: Jeff Dandy, Bel Air

    Men's Doubles:
    1st: Jeff Cooper, Delta, PA; Mark Farrington Bel Air
    2nd: John Jones Park, MD; Richie Jackson Hereford, MD

    Women's Singles:
    1st: Jamie Hughes, Forest Hill
    2nd: Rachel Hall, Bel Air

    Women's Doubles:
    1st: Rebecca Cooper, Delta, PA; Jamie Hughes, Forest Hill
    2nd: Aubrey Hoover, Bel Air; Angela Hoover, Bel Air

  • WATER BALLOON TOSS: Total Participants 236

    Ages 6 and under:
    1st: Daisy Hardy, Churchville
    2nd: Elliott Murphy, Forest Hill
    3rd: Andrew Hinkle, Havre de Grace

    Ages 7-9:
    1st: Colby Griner, Bel Air
    2nd: April Stone, Bel Air
    3rd: Caleb Walters, Bel Air

    Ages 10-12:
    1st: Charles Stone, Bel Air
    2nd: Parker Jakobowski, Bel Air
    3rd: Owen Davis & Andrew Fuller, Bel Air

    Ages 13-17:
    1st: Garrett Stiemke, Bel Air
    2nd: Peyton Griner, Bel Air
    3rd: Alice Phann & Amanda Eilman, Bel Air

    Ages 18 and older:
    1st: Milton Foulkes & Josh Meadows, Bel Air
    2nd: Max Moffitt & Matt Moffitt, Bel Air
    3rd: Dennis Stompf & Ashley Strock, Bel Air


    Ages 5 -7:
    1st: Adam Dorsan, Bel Air
    2nd: Brayden Zeller, Street
    3rd: Adelaide Woodhouse, Bel Air

    Ages 8-10:
    1st: Riley Daniels, Virginia Beach
    2nd: Logan Szewczyk, Bel Air
    3rd: Brianna Hinkle, Havre de Grace

    Ages 11-13:
    1st: Emily Noyes, Bel Air
    2nd: Brooklyn Szewczyk, Bel Air
    3rd: Arabella Hood, Bel Air

    Ages 14 and older:
    1st: Morgan Hennigan, Bel Air
    2nd: Jamie Noyse of Perry Hall
    3rd: Emily Parker, Bel Air


    Best Decorated, Girls: Ella Laubach, Bel Air
    Best Decorated, Boys: Isaac Bloch, Bel Air

    Tricycle/Training Wheels:
    1st: Brooks Marmen, Bel Air
    2nd: Fiona Boylan, Bel Air
    3rd: David Harrison, Bel Air

    Ages 5 and under:
    1st: Henry Murdoch, Jarrettsville
    2nd: Bryce Vodarick, Bel Air
    3rd: Leo Garback, Bel Air

    Ages 6-8:
    1st: Ian Retford, Bel Air
    2nd: Cyrus Marmen, Bel Air
    3rd: Cyrus Marmen, Bel Air

    Ages 9-10:
    1st: Landon Hearron, Bel Air
    2nd: Kolby Greiner, Bel Air
    3rd: Hadley Vaughn, Forest Hill

    Ages 11-13:
    1st: Brady Sather, Jarrettsville
    2nd: Anthony Freund, Bel Air
    3rd: Grant Hearron, Bel Air


    Ages 6 and under:
    1st: Braxton Stumpf, Bel Air
    2nd: Adrianna Leeds, Street
    3rd: Adwait Pondel, Bel Air

    Ages 7-10:
    1st: Bentley Stumpf, Bel Air
    2nd: Ryann Zeller, Street
    3rd: Colter Morce, Bel Air

    Ages 11 - 16:
    1st: Sienna Fiore, Bel Air
    2nd: Jayla Williams, Bel Air
    3rd: Ally Mace, Bel Air

    Ages 17 and older:
    1st: Justin Liles, Bel Air
    2nd: Conor Mace, Bel Air
    3rd: Buck Hennigan, Bel Air


The Parade is judged by a panel of independent judges, whose decisions are final. Judges have the authority to limit the number of awards in each category, or to create a category if in their opinion such is needed.

  • Floats:

    1st Place: Salute to Essential Workers
    2nd Place: Daughters, Sons & Children of the American Revolution
    3rd Place: Oak Grove Baptist Church

  • Equestrian Units:

    1st Place: Maryland Miniatures
    2nd Place: Painted Horse Ranch

  • Bands; Drum & Bugle Corps:

    1st Place: Aberdeen High School Marching Band
    2nd Place: Harford Highlanders Pipe Band
    3rd Place: Havre de Grace High School Marching Band
    4th Place: North Harford High School Marching Band
    5th Place: Joppatowne High School Marching Band

  • Color Guards:

    1st Place: Marine Corps League Cpl. Pete Arnold Detachment
    2nd Place: Harford County Sheriff’s Office
    3rd Place: American Legion Post #39


    1st Place: Twirl-Tas-Tix and Releve' Dance
    2nd Place: Harford Cheer
    3rd Place: Dance with Me School of Dance


    1st Place: Harford County Sheriff’s Office Tribute Car
    2nd Place: Tar Heel Construction
    3rd Place: Stonewall Day Care Center

  • Emergency Services:

    1st Place: Fallston Volunteer Fire Co.
    2nd Place: Jarrettsville Volunteer Fire Co.

  • "Absolutely Unique Parade Entry": The APG Helmet Car
  • "Most Patriotic Person in the Parade": World War II Military Vehicles
  • "Most Popular with the Crowd": NFL Hall of Fame & Ultimate Raven Fans
  • "Most Happy to Be Here": Harford County Junior Miss Fire Prevention Kaylee Norstrand


    C. Milton Wright High School Marching Mustangs
    White Sabers Drum & Bugle Corps
    Bel Air Community Band
    Bel Air Volunteer Fire Co.
    Bel Air Corvette Club
    Sgt. Alfred B. Hilton Memorial American Legion Post 55
    Bartenfelder Sanitation
    Maryland State Police Alumni Car Club
    1914 Indian Motorcycle Replica with Captain America & Wonder Woman (The Tews)
    Major General Mitchell Kilgo, Commandant, APG
    Harford County Executive Barry Glassman

Winners will be contacted by the Bel Air Independence Day Committee, by e-mail. This list will also be sent to all local newspapers, both print and online.


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